Locum Tenens

Why choose Locums:

We find many medical professionals select CV Staff Solutions as the path to supplement their existing salary, are near retirement but not fully retired, enjoy the flexibility of working when you want or traveling throughout the country. Others may not want the hassle of constant meetings or administrative red tape. Whatever your reason, locums tenens is a brilliant way to increase your earning potential!

Locum Tenens

Medieval Latin, “(one) holding a place”


We have highly competitive rates that are dependent on your specialty. This is a prodigious path to enhance your earning potential.

Employment Duration:

This is dependent on your availability and the need of the requesting hospital, clinic or facility. This period can be very short, such as a few days, to a span of several years. We do our very best to match the needs of physician with the requirements of the facility.

Our team of professionals is here to make every transition as smooth as possible. We’ll gladly assist with:

  • State licensing
  • Credentialing process
  • Travel and premium hotel reservations
  • Gathering of required documents
  • Communicating important changes
  • Streamlining processes
  • Taking care of any of your needs to complete your assignment!

Contact our team of professionals to match your skills with facility needs. We would love to hear from you. Call today!

The flexibility you desire. The professionalism you deserve.
The flexibility you desire. The professionalism you deserve.

As a locum provider you have the advantage of choosing the dates and locations that work best for you. Find the explorer within.